A Christmas Question

How do you handle it when you can’t get your child what they really want for Christmas? Do you prep them beforehand? Hope that they’re grateful for what they do get? Blame Santa? Throw finances to the wind and make sure they DO get what they want?

I’d love to hear your answers.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Question”

  1. I’d explain that it’s too expensive to buy right now, but that they should try saving up for it themselves. Then you could offer to help them with that goal in various different ways, and hope that it would mean even more to them once they manage to buy/earn it for themselves. I would then try to get their second preference, if possible, or something almost as good.

    Unfortunately most children, especially younger ones, tend to not be grateful for what they get if they have higher expectations. If they have been going on about something for weeks leading up to christmas, and you haven’t said they won’t be getting it, they’ll likely expect that they are (I know I was like this, and my parents managed my expectations beautifully).

    Don’t blame Santa – if anything that will encourage resentment towards Santa, or christmas itself. You don’t want to make your kids not look forward to Christmas in the future.

    I wouldn’t throw finances to the wind either… well actually I probably would for my daughter, but this is about advice, not personal behaviour :-). I wouldn’t suggest throwing finances to the wind, as that will only make things more difficult for the whole family going forward.

  2. The one who asks for things which are out of the question (“…or an iPad would be cool, you know?”) is the one who knows what being Santa means, so the answer is, “Oooh, I don’t think so. That’s really pricey, you could save for it.”

    And then I end up praying extra hard so I can win cool gifts via blog giveaways. Win-win-win.

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